GBBC 2022 Ambassadors

GBBC Announces 2022 Ambassadors

January, 2022

GBBC (Global Blockchain Business Council) announced the appointment of the 2022 Ambassadors, officially expanding the GBBC's global reach to 96 jurisdictions and disciplines. GBBC's 2022 Ambassadors represent an exceptional group of innovators and changemakers with an emphasis on technology, governance, law, finance, civil society, and academia.

The 180 Ambassadors span 6 continents, 86 jurisdictions, and include subject matter experts in: Arts, Media & Entertainment; Buy-Side; Decentralized Finance (DeFi); Education; Environment & Sustainability; Global Standards Mapping Initiative (GSMI); Healthcare; Media; Science & Technology; Security & Resilience. The Stankovic & Partners Law office is the GBBC's regional Ambassador for Serbia, and is listed under number 133.

Since its inception, the GBBC has relied on its global Ambassador network to expand our global community, presence, and impact.

GBBC Ambassadors act as trusted advisors to GBBC's leadership and members, providing invaluable guidance and assistance on how to engage with diverse global communities to carry out GBBC's mission to the highest standards.

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