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Our main areas of practice

Company formation & registration, Acquisition, Corporate Law and Corporate Governance, Corporate finance, Corporate transaction, Competition Law (Antitrust), Offshore Services, Contract Law, Import and Export, Intellectual Property Law - Copyright Law, Patent Law and Trademark Law, IT Law, Internet Law, Telecommunications Law, Tax Law, Corporate Taxation, Tax Planning, Customs Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law, Business and Industrial Law, Labor law - Drafting of internal acts on the field of labor law, Drafting and preparation of employment contracts, Discrimination on the grounds of age, sex, race, disability or religion, Bullying and harassment, Workplace Injuries.

Corporate Litigation, Business Litigation, Shareholder disputes, Partnership disputes, Insolvency or liquidation proceedings, Financial Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Contractual disputes, Civil Litigation, Patent Litigation, Employment Dispute - Pay or bonus disputes, Disputes over employment contracts, Procedures in front of European Court of Human Rights, Domestic and Foreign Arbitration,…

Banking Law, e-banking Law, Finance Law, Monetary Law, Securities Law, Mortgage Law, Law for Financial Markets, Debt Collection, Debt Relief, Foreclosure, Insurance and Reinsurance,…

Public International Law, Private International Law, Investments Law, International Investments, Investments agreement, International Trade Law, European Community Law, Human Rights, Civil Rights,…

Our other areas of practice

Administrative Law, NGO – Non Government Organization, Taxation, Criminal Law, Criminal Defense, Economic Crime, Computer Crime, Construction Law, Land Use and Zoning, Property Management, Landlord and Tenant Law, Estate and Trust, Real Estate, Leisure, Family Law, Divorce, Tourism and Travel Law, Public Law, Municipal and State Law, Election and Political Law Naturalization and Citizenship, Immigration, Art and Culture.

Protecting the interests of our clients is our first priority.