World Justice Project 2014 & 2015

World Justice Project 2014 & 2015

During the World Justice Project 2017 the Rule of Law Index® ( ) was realised. The project saw some 102 countries from across the globe, including the Republic of Serbia, sign up and be subject to a detailed analysis of their respective legal systems and the robustness of the infrastructure regarding the Rule of Law.

Goal of this Project was detail analysis of state of legal system in controlled courtiers in different categories.

Countries are evaluated in areas such as: ways of restrictions on the use of public authority, presence of corruption, realization of basic human rights, functioning of civil and criminal proceedings.

Republic of Serbia was ranked on 60th place in category of 102 countries of the world and was ranked on 6th place in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Organizer of this renowned world project engaged 2.500 world-wide recognized experts in the area of law.

Republic of Serbia was evaluated by 14 legal experts among which is only one outside Belgrade and Novi Sad Nebojša Stanković PhD, Attorney at Law.

This is second year of engagement of Nebojša Stanković PhD, Attorney at Law on realization of Project Rule of Law Index since he participated in Project Rule of Law Index for 2014.

Results of this project was delivered to OUN, all relevant international organization and institutions and especially to the governments of country’s which are evaluated in form of written Index on approximately 200 pages.

"From an entirely different angle: the index of the rule of law", ТV Belle Amie - Nebojsa Stankovic